Performance as Publishing

— Mark Geffriaud

A new refutation of time

Within an eclectic body of work, one can underscore Mark Geffriaud’s interest for monuments dedicated to non-events. Questions of disappearance and emptiness appear regularly in his work, which plays repeatedly with key elements such as books or light.

A new refutation of time consists of a polyphonic reading of the eponymous essay by J.L. Borgès. Composed of two essays written in 1944 and 1946, Borges’ texts are preceded by an introduction that exposes the paradoxical intention of the writer to demonstrate the non-existence of time, and different ways to reach the same conclusion. A score written by Geffriaud on each page instructs the performers about their reading. Their voice meet, match, then separate again although they keep saying very similar things but in two different ways.

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Mark Geffriaud, A new refutation of time, 2013 Mark Geffriaud, A new refutation of time, 2013