Performance as Publishing

— ‘At Home’

'At Home'

9 March – 28 September 2019

At Home is a performance series in the spirit of a zine. Low tech, DIY, self-funding, it is conceived as a vessel for exchange and encounters in an informal evening ‘at home’. As an itinerant project, each evening event was held in a domestic setting, with a performance, dinner, drinks and conversation.

Chooc Ly Tan
Saturday 28th September 2019
Private address, Hackney Central, London

Diana Policarpo
Sunday 8th September 2019
London Art Book Fair, Whitechapel Gallery, London
Performance as Publishing reimagines At Home for Whitechapel Gallery as a casual afternoon with a reading performance by Diana Policarpo, with tea, cake and conversation for all.

Erica Scourti
Saturday 9th March 2019
Private address, Upper Clapton, London
Erica Scourti presents a performance in two registers exploring micro-grievances, erotic energies and unspoken vibes. Followed by vegan/veggie comfort food.

Erica Scourti, Exit Script (Partner Piece) 2019