Performance as Publishing

— Het Veem Theater

Composing Through Words

23 November 2013

Composing Through Words brought together performers from the fields of art, theatre and music, to explore the shapes and structures of language and text, and how they determine our perspective on our daily reality, culture and history. Taking place throughout the Het Veem Theater, a former goods warehouse located in Amsterdam’s old timber docks, the performances addressed variously the construction of language and it’s social implication, the act of performing, and the influence of the voice, rhythm, intonation and the verbal and non-verbal qualities of the body.

Contributors: Mercedes Azpilicueta, Nicole Bachmann, Ruth Beale, Rosie Heinrich, Sarah van Lamsweerde, Jasiek Mischke, Tight Jans +2

Curated by Fleur van Muiswinkel

Jasiek Mischke / Tight Jans +2 Het Veem Theater Nicole Bachmann, Grey Brown Your Hair Like Sand, 2013 Nicole Bachmann, Grey Brown Your Hair Like Sand, 2013 Mercedes Azpilicueta, The well tempered calculator, 2013 Ruth Beale, Performing Keywords, 2013 Sarah van Lamsweerde, 80 Words, 2013