Performance as Publishing

— South London Gallery

Performance as Publishing

6 July 2011

This performance festival, held across a number of spaces at SLG, investigated the shifting relations between performance practice and discourse, events and writing, exploring the work of artists who use existing text as the base for their performance. For them, text does not primarily appear as a means of communication but as something which has a shape and structure of its own. The performative act is therefore an investigation into how meaning can be transformed and constructed through the speech act and the voice.

The event brought together international and London based artists with both new live works specially for this project and  ‘static’ works, objects emanating from their own relationship with text and publishing.

Annie Davey, Romantic demographics of a late 90’s invigliator, 2011 Ruth Beale, Lindgren & Langlois: The Archive Paradox, 2011 Emma Kay, An Extract from The March, 2011 Fiona Banner, Book 1/1, 2011 Daniel Gustav Cramer, Letter to Javier, 2009 Francesco Pedraglio, A few stories in the shape of abstract objects, 2011 Heather Phillipson, THIS TIME IT'S PERSONAL, 2011 Eleanor Vonne Brown, From the Page to the Stage and Back Again, 2011